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Sugar Daddy Meet Review

Whether you're a sugar baby looking for financial help, or a sugar daddy looking for a mutually beneficially arrangement, there are many websites out there that cater to this type of relationship. Among the best of these sites is This site boasts more than 3 million active users each month, so the chances of finding exactly what you're looking for is very good here.

If you're a younger woman looking for a wealthy man, this site is perfect. Of the more than 1 million monthly users, 54% of them are men. Along with plenty of options, this site allows sugar babies to quickly sort through profiles to find only the daddies who meet their needs. They can also be assured that these men are serious due to the rigorous verification done.

While more men visit this site than women, there will be options for sugar daddies to find what they're looking for. These women on this site are serious about finding a fun and mutually beneficial time, so there will be someone for everyone's taste.

Signing Up

Sugardaddymeet has a very simple and free sign-up process; you can connect via your Facebook profile or simply with an email address. The free version of the site gives you a good overview of the available matches before you decide if the Gold membership is worth it. After a quick sign-up process, you can view the profiles of all of the available members, whether you are seeking a sugar baby to spoil or a sugar daddy to be spoiled..

This site has safeguards that prevent scammers; all members must be verified with proper identification to ensure that members are real people who are serious about this lifestyle. The site also verifies the income of sugar daddies; you must be able to prove that you're able to support a sugar baby. The site allows you to upload up to 26 pictures per profile, and you can describe yourself and what you're looking for.

You will also need to describe yourself, your current relationship, what you want in your next relationship and your lifestyle. You can only upload 26 pictures on the site. The field acts as a form of the questionnaire where you have to describe yourself in a short but detailed way.

• Maximum of 26 pictures.
• Sugar Daddies’ accounts will be verified to know if it’s a true user or just a scam.
• There is a high level of transparency.


Sugardaddymeet has a free version, and also a paid membership option. The free version allows you to search the profiles of sugar babies or daddies near you to find out what is out there. The free membership also allows you to communicate with other members, but you can not contact them first. You can only talk to those Gold members who have reached out to you.

The Gold membership package includes the ability to start a conversation with a potential baby or daddy, and also gives you much greater ability to find specifically what you're looking for. The Gold package allows sugar babies to search for daddies by income level and also physical attributes. The Gold membership package is $50/month, and is cheaper when you purchase multiple months. This site also allows you to purchase coins which can be used instead of a membership.


There aren’t any rules for users on this platform except for the normal dating site T and Cs. One of the things that you might start to question this site for its unattractive profile interface, seems like the Sugar Daddies present on the platform know a little about ICT as most of their profile doesn’t look attractive. You need to be careful as there are lots of scammers on this site.

General Features of the site

• You are allowed to upload 26 pictures.
• Check out the new users on the website.
• You can view other users’ first date ideas, it allows you to post yours too.
• You can search other members through their username and keywords.
• To be a verified member, you will need some personal information coupled with your income.
• You can receive winks from some members (not all) via the Wink/Email settings.
• It allows you to create your own blog and post on another user’s blog.
• You can add members to your favorite or block list with ease.
• Start your own trend on the forum present on their platform.
• To be a certified Sugar daddy or Sugar mummy, you will need to verify your income.
• You are allowed to post status and comment on others.

Features for Gold member

If you are on the Gold Membership Plan, you will have the privilege of

• Having your profile privacy through the visibility settings.
• Searching for Sugar daddies by their income.
• Checking out reverse matches and users that are compatible.
• Receiving dating advice and some safety tips.
• Buying gifts for your potential match.
• Having full access to the Sugar Daddy Meet app.

Review by a real user

The people that use are generally the standard sugar daddy and sugar baby groups. This site does not cater to sugar mommy relationships; either women looking for younger men or men seeking financial help from older women. There are other sites that cater to the cougar relationship. This site also does not cater to homosexual relationships, so if you fall under these categories then this site is not for you

The Plans

- Gold Membership plan.

If you’d want to subscribe to the Gold membership plan, here is the detailed description

• For 1 Month, you get to pay $50, which is about $1.50 for every single day.
• 3 Months, this requires a payment of $90, that means you get to save 50%, which would be about $30 per month.
• 6 Months requires a payment of $144 (you are therefore going to be saving 60% which would be around $24 for every month.

The site also has a form of currency that you can on it, you have

• 300 coins for just $18.
• 1000 coins for $40.
• And finally, you have the 2000 coins that sell for $60.

There are several ways of paying on this platform, you have the Paypal option, Credit card, and order or via bank checks.

Pros of using the site

• You can search the profiles for free before committing to any purchase.
• The verification on the site eliminates scammers.
• Very high monthly users, more members than other sites.
• Easy intuitive interface.
• Options for buying coins rather than membership.

Cons of using the site

The membership fee is quite expensive.


If you are serious about finding a beautiful sugar baby to spoil, or if you're a beautiful woman looking for a daddy to spend money on you, this should be your first visit. You can quickly sign up and find out what options are available near you, and make a irresistible profile to draw the Gold members to you. If you decide you've found what you're looking for, you can decide to pay the membership fee and start your search for the benefits of a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship.

You will not waste your time here wading through fake profiles and scammers. This site contains people who are sincere in their desire to begin a relationship, so if you're serious this is the place to be.

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